Is it possible to have a beautiful waxing experience? We think so! Our aim is to make waxing treatments as natural and pleasant as possible.

Whether it’s a full leg or half leg, underarm, back or face, we will cater to your exact requirements.
We use single-use strip wax (warm wax).

Strip wax  is what most people would recognise as professional waxing, the therapist applies a thin layer of wax on the area to be treated, then presses a strip of paper to the wax, rubs hard, then pulls it in the opposite direction to the hair growth, thereby removing the hair from the root.  The wax temperature is lower than that of hot wax and this is the method used for larger areas (e.g. legs, arms), and the easier sections of bikini and underarm waxes.  Warm wax can be used for every area.

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