Electro Body Sculpting

Electro Body Sculpting treatments are designed to assist the body regain it’s natural conformation and proportionality.  After the first treatment, the body immediately  feels the effects of the toning.  After a series of treatments, the body noticeably looks and feels better.

It sounds amazing but one session is equivalent to a 6-hour workout in the gym … give us your body and just relax while the machine does the work.  Equivalent to 600 sit-ups or 600 leg-lifts or 600 push-ups.

This computerized technology, using the best equipment available restores a firm, toned body and assists you to lose weight in an effective, fast and healthy manner.

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How it works

Surface Electrodes are place on the surface of the skin over the targeted muscle groups.  A strap is placed around the area of the body to secure electrodes contact with the skin.

The Electro Body Sculptor is then activated to begin transmission of the electrical current into the muscles.  This causes the muscles to contract and tone.  Restoring the muscular structure and burning calories.

This is a  soothing and relaxing way to achieve weight reduction, body definition and stress reduction.

The Electro Body Sculptor has been enhanced with specific software programs to promote three different wavelength protocols… each performing three different functions.

First:        Attack and agitate the Deep Fat Cells stimulating toxin release
Second:   Work the deep muscles for toning, lifting and sculpting
Third:      Work the surface fat and cellulite layer for cleansing, detoxifying and smoothing

In conjunction with a healthy eating plan, the fat deposits that distort the body’s natural shape are burned off.

Our Electro Body Sculpting unit allows variation in depth of muscle penetration allowing deep toning of muscles when needed.  Used for fast reshaping of muscles. This specialized equipment creates anti-cellulite results, and stimulates inch loss.  It lifts and shapes by actually building new muscle mass.  The stimulation creates a huge energy demand to the muscles.  The muscles then utilize the surrounding fats as a source of energy, burning the fats for fuel.

The results have been proven by twenty years of practice in European beauty centers, 
it’s a natural and inexpensive way of achieving beauty without surgical intervention.  

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