Luxus PlasmaLiner

The use of plasma in cosmetics is revolutionary, groundbreaking and relatively new in the field of aesthetic cosmetics. The Luxus PlasmaLiner has been especially developed for the cosmetic sector and is therefore not a medical device. As a cosmetic device, our pen works very gently and is used for professional cosmetic skin treatment.

Our plasma device is certified under CE standards and on top of that has unique features that ensure us to be able to work safely and controlled on our clients.

Using The Luxus PlasmaLiner makes surgical procedures and the associated risks and side-effects unnecessary, resulting in an enormous relief for our customers in the fight against wrinkles and undesirable „skin flaws“.

Application areas:

  • Upper & lower eyelid lift
  • Wrinkle treatments
  • Forehead wrinkles
  • Frown wrinkles
  • Ears folds
  • Lip folds
  • Puppet fold
  • Eyebrow lift
  • In combination with Microneedling applicable for scar and acne scar treatment (2)


During the application with the Luxus PlasmaLiner there is no direct skin contact. Work is carried out about 1 mm above the skin surface. A heated ionized light arc is produced between the skin and the end of the device. This affects the skin surface and causes it to evaporate superficially in a tiny, micro-millimeter-sized point. The skin in the immediate vicinity to this point contracts minimally. By individually arranging the points, excess skin can be reduced and the result is a clear tightening of the respective skin area.

The plasma flow is generated by the device. The influence on the skin structure leads to positive effects such as improvement of skin elasticity, renewal of tissue and due to the evaporation effect we also achieve a significant skin tightening.

The result is visible immediately after the application. Through the proliferation of connective tissue cells ,the tightening process will intensify for weeks to come.

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