Premium RF Radiofrequency

A new innovation in the field of beauty is revolutionizing weight loss techniques: dual radio frequency  technology (0.3 Mhz and 0.5 Mhz) for the elimination of fat stored in tissues.
Radiofrequency-based treatments shape, tone, smooth and “lift” without damaging the tissues.
Radiofrequency therapy is completely safe, non-invasive and non-aggressive to the body.


The absolute novelty is the use of two technologies: CET that penetrates 3-5 cm, with excellent anti-cellulite effect, but especially the new RET technology that penetrates much deeper (9-12 cm subcutaneously), acting on the deep fat which was also the harder to treat.

Radiofrequency treatment

Radiofrequency is successfully used to replace liposuction. Radiofrequency is recommended for all ages, is non-invasive and does not require a recovery period.

It is ideal for:

  • people with flabby skin: women who have recently given birth, sagging breasts, flabby skin in the elbows and knees (recognized for the difficulty of remodeling)
  • to restore the body contour in the case of those affected by the unsightly appearance of orange peel
  • for skin rejuvenation and attenuating the effects of aging: wrinkles, matte appearance, flabby skin.

Premium RF Radiofrequency results:

The most spectacular effect: a deep toning conferred almost instantly.
The radio frequency wave produces the contraction of collagen fibers and stimulates the formation of new elastin fibers.
At the body level, the radio frequency reshapes and redefines the lines of the silhouette. It can be observed even how the thermolipolytic action of the radio frequency waves continues even after the end of the session: the patient still feels a heat at the level of the treated area. It acts like a corset that tightens muscle and fat tissues.

We are talking about a contraction thanks to which the fat layers are remodeled in depth, without affecting the epidermis in any way.

At the facial level, radiofrequency smoothes and reduces wrinkles, lifts instantly, rejuvenates the skin by increasing the production of endogenous collagen.
Thermotherapy generated by radiofrequency improves the texture and general appearance of the skin from the first session.

Facial treatment + Radiofrequency75 €
Facial treatment + Radiofrequency ( 3 sessions)195 €
Facial treatment + Radiofrequency ( 5 sessions) 290 €
Microdermabrasion + Radiofrequency85 €
Microdermabrasion + Radiofrequency (3 sessions)225 €
Microdermabrasion + Radiofrequency (5 sessions)350 €
A zone (choose 1 area) ( arms/legs/abdomen/bottom/back)55 €
A zone (choose 1 area) ( arms/legs/abdomen/bottom/back) - 4 sessions180 €
A zone (choose 1 area) ( arms/legs/abdomen/bottom/back) - 8 sessions275 €
• For 2 zones : + 20 € at the above prices
• For 3 zones : + 30 € at the above prices
• For 4 zones : + 35 € at the above prices
• For 5 zones : + 50 € at the above prices
• For every body treatment it’s included a drainage session with electrostimulation.

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